Sam Ye

sam ye

Director of Teaching

Experience: 10 years

Qualification: B.Engineering, M.Education

Specialisation: High school maths and physics, and research skills

"I have tutored maths, physics, accounting and economics, for both IB and SACE curriculum, since 2009. I have also been teaching research skills, quantitative methods, and statistics since 2017. I have taught students from as young as 8 years old up to approximately 40 years old. More recently, I have turned my focus to developing sustainable teaching practises for students with special needs and learning difficulties.

Throughout my 11 years of tutoring, I have always emphasised individual growth and development both in knowledge and skills. My students are encouraged to grasp deep conceptual understanding of all subject content to compliment a set of strong analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students with well-developed knowledge and skills will not only excel academically but also create future successes. My students are taught to embrace a culture of life-long learning and instilled with a passion to pursue one's dreams.

The diversity in my experiences drives my goal to set the best standards and develop industry leading practises to improve our education system, as well as implementing teaching approaches that are more accessible by a broader range of individuals."

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