Amy Huang


Primary Level Coordinator

Experience: 3 years

Qualification: B.Teaching

Specialisation: Primary school Education

"I am a Primary School Educator with experience in relief teaching at various socio-economic schools, and private tutoring. From these experiences, I have observed and implemented different approaches to teaching that suit students of varying capabilities. I consistently aim to fulfil the cognitive, social and emotional needs of students by positively interacting with students as soon as I enter the classroom.

As an educator, I seek to create a culture where we inspire students and their desire to learn. Our space will be an ideal environment for students who strive to be active thinkers in their learning in order to gain a deeper understanding of content as well as develop the ability to transfer their skills across all learning areas. I believe educators are partners in children’s learning; expanding on their interests and instilling the idea that they are the authors of their own learning. Thus, the role of the teacher is to facilitate, participate and collaborate with students in individual and group lessons."

Please refer to our Primary Education page for more information regarding Amy's teaching methods.

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