Our Maths curriculum is based on the existing SACE and Australian Maths Curriculum. This is to ensure that our students at SY Tuitions will at a minimum match the current South Australia Maths education standard.

Our curriculum aims to better demonstrate the connections and relations between the different areas and topics in Maths. It also aims to promote learning and retention by providing more opportunities to apply Maths knowledge in our students’ daily lives. This is in distinct constrast to existing government and international curricula which are implemented throughout South Australian schools.

We developed our curriculum by analysing the requirements of tertiary-level Maths subjects. This was used as a guide to design appropriate learning objectives for each year level leading up to tertiary studies.

Our curriculum will develop every students’ critical thinking and creative skills. It will guide them to solve authentic contextual problems. Our curriculum will allow each student to explore and develop their mathematical skills in their own individual areas of interest.