The Integrated Primary Curricula is based on the Australian Curriculum and aims to develop primary-aged students’ knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics and the Sciences.

We developed the Integrated Primary Curricula to include the most current standards and expectations of education today. Our curricula includes integrated learning objectives that are challenging, and more importantly achievable for all primary level students. These objectives were derived from mapping the concepts and skills required from middle school to primary school level. By doing so, our students will attain a higher level of knowledge compared to those undertaking the current Australian Curriculum which impedes each student's developmental potential.

SY Tuitions provides curricula with the intention of encouraging students to become confident and fluent with learning the concepts and skills necessary to excel in these subject areas. In Primary Level English, students will develop the foundation skills in learning how to listen, read, speak, write and create across a range of contexts with accuracy, fluency and purpose. We ensure that students will develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts to solve problems and be able to transfer their knowledge to other learning areas. Students will also acquire critical inquiry skills by learning exemplary scientific research standards.